The Motion Team

Worker Bees

Jeremy Ayers

Jeremy is a husband, father, and yoyo connoisseur. Brand owner of MotionYoyo.

David "hesperaux" Bieber

David is an electrical/software engineer who enjoys skill toys, especially yoyo, designing things for 3D printing, amateur machining, and yoyo design.

As a child of the 90s, he played with yoyos on the street corners of Arizona with his friends. The holy grail at the time was the Bumblebee GT, which he got as a gift from his sisters for his birthday.

Not long after moving to Illinois, priorities and interests changed until 2008, when he bought a Duncan Freehand 2 from Toys R' Us to play with while studying physics in college. For a couple of years, throwing was an occasional past time, but David was not aware of the enormous yoyo scene about to develop as yoyoing became a true competitive sport. Again, yoyos took a back seat.

Fast forward to late 2019. We all know what happened. Since then, David has thrown almost every day and has accumulated a great number of yoyos, developed many new friendships, and found great passion and interest in throwing, collecting, and now designing of yoyos.

All in all, he has thrown for about 4 years, the last three being much more modern in style.

In addition to attempting to master beefhook (or whatever the challenging trick is at the time), David now does the CAD thingy and helps Jeremy design cool yoyos.

If you'd like to see what David is up to, he occasionally posts tricks, yoyo pictures, skill toy stuff, and a random item here and there on instagram: @hesperaux

Jonathan "Jester D Clown" Deleon

Jon, better known as Jester, is the team's boutique anodizer. When we do special runs of monometals, Jonathan is the one who anodizes them. He is a talented and passionate artist.

instagram: @jesterdc

Our Players

Barrett "Bear" Farmer

Barrett Farmer, aka “Bear”, aka “BF_Throws”, is a casual, laid back, yo-yo thrower based out of Anchorage, Alaska. 

Bear is an Advanced player with around 7 years (as of 2022) of yoyoing throughout his life. He was never around any yo-yo scenes growing up, and was purely inspired out of curiosity and video clips on the internet. Some yoyoers share this story, and Bear uses this as his drive to share yoyoing with as many people as possible! 

From teaching kids, to spreading the word on the street, Bear is always looking to expand the community! 

He’s got some pretty cool tricks with an emphasis on meta and tech styles of 1a, and has an overall objective flow, which means he loves him some Double GTs and Tower tricks. He’s got some trick tutorials  and makes LOADS of videos of his various tricks on his Instagram page @bf_throws, be sure to check it out! 

Bear, being with the team since the beginning, has helped give us feedback and been a Motion Soldier in terms of spreading the word of our new company. BF_Throws and Motion Yo-yo were meant to be.

Moosa Khan

Moosa Khan, aka “Moose”, is a thrower from Minnesota who’s been throwing since 2014. He got started in yoyoing from a school show and got hooked when he saw some yoyoers doing modern tricks at a local game store. Moosa loves to create, learn, and share yoyo tricks, as well as engage with the yoyo community both locally and online. You can find his tricks on Instagram (@themoosekhan44) or YouTube (@themooseyoyos). 

Daniel Gorham

Dan has been yoyoing since 2011 and has been competing since 2019. His favorite thing about yoyo is the competitive aspect of it and the process of creating routines and learning and mastering difficult tricks.

Follow him on instagram @dantheyoyoman777

Austin Sizemore

Austin Sizemore aka “Asto” is a thrower from Georgia.

Asto has been throwing since 2016, when he started from a school performance that did yo-yo. During the summer of '23 he started his instagram, @asto.yoyos, to start posting some of his tricks because his friends told him to.

Soon, he picked up his first Motion yo-yo, the Harmonic, and the rest was history. His favorite parts of throwing are the community, yo-yoing in nature, escaping, and finding new elements/tricks.