Parallel (Motion)

This is Parallel Motion.

Parallel is the final installment in a series of Perpetual-inspired yoyos. We give credit to proto team member Hunter Cuniff for his idea to create a "mini" Perpetual. The idea was planted almost immediately after Perpetual prototypes arrived, and it took a long time to finally create it. But it was well worth the wait.

Parallel is Motion's first D bearing yoyo. The D bearing is the perfect size for the undersized specs this yoyo features. While we don't consider this yoyo a "mini" at 52mm diameter, it is definitely undersized. The H shape, incredible boundary-pushing weight distribution (the body weighs only 8.45 grams per half!), and the overall light weight (less than 61g), make this yoyo perform astoundingly for its size.

Undersized yoyos often suffer from being heavy on the string. Not the case here. The yoyo feels natural, like a full-size, and it spins a long time. This is a yoyo you can truly throw in your pocket and, with it, do any trick. Incredible stability, speed, and compactness. It handles 5A, tech tricks, slacks, rejections, whips, all the things, with ease. Our customers have used it in a variety of awesome ways.

Parallel was available for pre-order, as well as Yoyo Expert, Yoyosam, and YoyoLoco retailers.


7068 Aluminum Body

303 Stainless Steel Rings

D size bearing

Weight - 60.8g (56.8 actual)

Diameter - 52mm

Width - 42mm

Gap width - 4.445mm

Axle: M4x10mm

Rim Ratio: 66.8%

Pads: 19x13x1.2mm FPM size D

120 Made in 5 colors

Glistening Amethyst - 12

Terra Amor - 17

Hibiscus - 32

Toxicity - 29

Fire & Ice - 30

Released: Q4 2023


Glistening Amethyst

Finish - polished/polished

First run, first colorway. A shiny, bright purple. This colorway was done on Perpetual, Linear, and now Parallel. This is the last time this colorway will be done.

Terra Amor

Finish - blasted/blasted

First run, second colorway. A blasted purple body with blasted raw rings. This colorway was also done on Perpetual (with shiny rings) and Linear. Like Glistening Amethyst, it will not be repeated.

Fire & Ice

Finish - blasted/polished

First run, third colorway. A wonderful, subtle orange to red fade. The two colors that were faded together were the same red and orange that were used on Perpetual and Accelerated. The blending on this run was absolutely perfect. The polished blue SS rings are the ice to cool down the heat.


Finish - blasted/polished

First run, fourth colorway. An acidic green with black wash on a blasted body, framed by shiny deep black SS rings.


Finish - blasted/blasted

First run, fifth colorway. An incredible and unique purple/blue/black acid wash on a blasted body, with blasted rainbow SS rings. This was the crowd favorite of the run, and for good reason. The coloring of the rings came out spectacular.

"Prototype Blue"

10 Fabricated


The proto blue parallel has identical CAD compared to the production run. We loved Parallel immediately and did not see anything that should be changed.