Perpetual (Motion)

Talk to me about design and play?

The crossroads where aesthetics meet functional performance. The main things I wanted to focus on were power and stability, and we nailed it.

The design shares a V/H hybrid shape that is typically reserved for more “performance oriented” yo-yos. The rounded rim design is there for a mixture of performance, aesthetics, and most of all, comfort. The YoYo is full sized and fits very nicely in your hand.

Visually the cuts and angles are meant to attract your eye from each and every angle, no matter in play or sitting on your shelf you will constantly be drawn to the design.

The unique rim design holds power on the spin. You can feel the power in every throw. Perpetual is nimble and agile enough to change direction with ease. The binds are tight and crisp, and each time the YoYo comes up into your palm you feel the momentum that was still there, realizing you could have extended the trick longer.

Being full sized, Perpetual still retains a “more narrow” design to be able to move through intricate and tighter tricks with ease. The full size also helps maintain power and momentum when you are maneuvering through each toss and trapeze.

Try one for yourself, I don’t think you will be disappointed. 


7068 - SS rims

Weight - 63.4 + or - .5

Diameter - 57.70

Width - 43.04

Gap Width - 4.46

66 yoyos were made in production, in 4 colorways: 

Two "happy accident" polished purple with black rims were also made, but not sold.


Renaissance Red

Finish - no blast (polish)

First run, first colorway revealed.

This color was decided on by myself and a couple friends and couldn’t have turned out more stunning. Over the next three days I will be announcing all four color variations for the run. 

Terra Amor

Finish - blasted

First run, second colorway revealed.

This color is named after my friends dog who has recently passed away. For some of us our animals just become part of our family. A small token to remember his friend by. All the performance is still there :) 

Infurious Red

Finish - blasted

First run, third colorway revealed.

Infurious in definition means “highly passionate about.” When I started this project, it was a passion project. I wanted nothing more than to put out a great product and share my designs with a community that I enjoyed being a part of. I truly hope each one of you take the time to give it a shot, means a lot to me just knowing people care enough to drop a like or share. 

Glistening Amethyst

Finish - no blast (polish)

First run, last colorway revealed.

The shine on this YoYo is incredible, the way light strikes it in different directions it just shines ever so brightly. This colorway is the last one for this run. Really pleased with how they turned out. I can not wait to hear the feedback from the community in regards to this YoYo :) - be sure to Tag me on your mailday! 

"Prototype Blue"

7 Fabricated