Linear (Motion)

Say hello to Linear Motion

The YoYo that was never in the plan. When Motion was first started, I had only envisioned using bimetal yo-yos for all of our lineup, this was met with quite a few comments internally and externally from members of the community. James Underwood was one of the largest pushers to get a mono metal made and, being the stubborn person I can be, I kept refusing.  It was in discussions within the proto team that we finally determined we were going to move forward on a monometal yoyo, under one condition: it couldn’t be a compromise.

The ultimate goal of Motion is to always bring a top quality product into the customers' hands, and I didn’t want to just make a mono because it can be made cheaper. So to the drawing board David and I went, and we quickly found that designing a mono can be very challenging. We started at the place where we felt like we should: on our flagship YoYo, Perpetual. Using perpetual as a starting point, we were able to get a firm base from which to develop the design. What ensued exceeded our expectations, and upon first throw we knew that we hit the mark.

So why Perpetual as the basis for the mono?

Perpetual is the YoYo that we feel best represents our brand. It’s a blend of everything Motion set out to be. So with this being taken into consideration, what better platform to build on?

Perpetual is still one of our favorite yo-yos that we have done, being insanely stable and insanely powerful, we weren’t sure how much of this we could dial in without the rims to push that weight toward the outside. What you will find is a very thick outer wall that mimics the weight of having a bi-metal rim. The cut around the top edge of the YoYo is there to resemble the cut-back on perpetuals rim, one of its defining visual characteristics.  

Aesthetically, we pushed this YoYo to the extreme; each angle just blasts your eyes with elegance and beauty with every single strategically placed cut. The cuts not only help us control weight distribution but also present an interesting tactile and visually pleasing experience. 

One design characteristic you will notice is the double rim around our sunken dome which transplants some weight to the center to help balance, but also pops out at you aesthetically. 

We hope you can see that the time and attention put into this design was just as extreme as any of our bimetal offerings. And we hope this YoYo not only reaches our existing market, but allows more people an entrypoint into our brand. You will be getting the full Motion experience but not at the higher price of a bi-metal offering. 

This is Motion


7068 Aluminum Body

Weight - 63.00 +/- 0.5g

Diameter 56.50

Width 43.00

Gap width - 4.445mm

Axle: M4x10mm

141 Made in 8 colors

Coral Burst - 15

Desert Coral - 19

Glistening Amethyst - 19

Periwinkle - 20

Sakura Seiun - 30

Interstellar - 18

Nationals Artist Proof - 18

1 of 2 Artist Proof - 2


Coral Burst

Finish - polished

First run, first colorway. A shiny, bright orange. A fantastic color for making trick circles!

Desert Coral

Finish - blasted

First run, second colorway. A soft, blasted orange.

Glistening Amethyst

Finish - polished

First run, third colorway. Perpetual purple. This is the exact same color used on our first run of Perpetual. This colorway is an homage to the original that started the brand, and the yoyo that inspired Linear.


Finish - blasted

First run, fourth colorway. Blasted Perpetual purple. This is the exact same color used on our first run of Perpetual. If you've played a blasted purple Perpetual, expect the look and feel to be the same.


Finish - polished

First run, fifth colorway. A beautiful blue and black acid wash. The blue was chosen to match that of our prototype blue. Prototype blue is reserved for our team, but we wanted to share it a little bit with the world this time.

Sakura Seiun

Finish - blasted

First run, sixth colorway. A three-color acid wash featuring hot pink, black, and purple. This colorway is best appreciated in the sunlight, in person. It is truly stunning. The colorway was made for one of our prototype testers, Hunter.

Nationals Artist Proof

Finish - polished

First run, 7th colorway. These were a National Yoyo Contest exclusive color, hand done by a member of the Motion team: Jonathan Deleon (aka. @jesterdc). He did the anodizing and dying all himself and it turned out awesome. 

1 of 2 Artist Proof

Finish - polished

First run, 8th colorway. These were a special run of anodizing testers done by Jonathan Deleon to demonstrate his capabilities. There were given to Jeremy and David. They are spectacular!

"Prototype Blue"

10 Fabricated


Linear was another dead shot. We hit the mark on the first try. There were no changes that we decided to make for the production run.