Harmonic (Motion)

Say hello to Harmonic (motion)

The motion lineup is strong, very strong. The market has had a lot of organics over the past couple of years. We decided to wait and make sure we got it right. Our motto is not to release anything unless it improves the game: Harmonic does this.

On first throw, you will notice that harmonic feels like throwing air, but the weight is there - you just don't feel it. It makes a beautiful sound befitting its name. A hollow bonging sound will play while you use this yoyo.

As you run through tricks, you will be surprised by the stability and spin power of Harmonic. The things that usually slow down an organic yoyo slow down Harmonic less. The undercut near the bearing, and the cuts along the slope going out toward the rim, all help to reduce string drag and the effects of the high wall design.

The aethetics of this yoyo are unbelievable. The light dances off the surface similar to Accelerated, but the cup has gentle slopes to remind you that this yoyo is for relaxing and enjoying your day.

Like all motion designs, the yoyo is lighter than average. The 55mm diameter is comfortable and accomodating of any size hand. 


7068 - SS rims (20.9g each)

Weight - 62.9 +/- 0.5g

Rings: 17.97g

Diameter - 55mm

Width - 44.4

Gap Width - 4.445mm

Axle: M4x12mm

Rim Weight Ratio: 56.5%

85 Made in 6 colors

Heaven's Gate - 13

Daydream - 13

Righteous Purple - 12

Sight Unseen - 17

Wolverine - 14

West Virginia - 16


Heaven's Gate

Finish - polished (polished rims)

First run, first colorway.


Finish - blasted (blasted rims)

First run, second colorway.


Finish - polished (polished rims)

First run, third colorway.

WV Mountaineer

Finish - blasted (blasted rims)

First run, fourth colorway.

Righteous Purple

Finish - polished (polished rims)

First run, fifth colorway.

Sight Unseen

Finish - blasted (blasted rims)

First run, sixth colorway.

"Prototype Blue"

10 Fabricated


The prototype of Harmonic hit different. Everyone in the proto group was unanimous on this one. It went straight to production with no questions asked.

We hope you all enjoy it the way we did.