Kinetic (Motion)

Introducing our third proto and release - Kinetic (motion)

After what we would consider two successful yoyo releases we are super stoked to dive even deeper into the “performance aspect” of throwing. Like the last two models we released, you will be more than pleased with the aesthetic and performance of this yoyo.

Immediately recognizable is the sunken dome that we intend to carry through our product line. We integrated very distinctive grooves to imitate a visual of sound waves moving across the cup of the yoyo.

One thing we always want to offer is a unique experience with each yoyo. You will find a really exclusive rim design that not only visually catches your eye, but also pushes the limits once again on molding stainless steel onto a 7068 aluminum body.

So why a V shape?

To be completely honest - we wanted a yoyo that was a no compromise, true V. It doesn’t seem to be common anymore for us to see a straight V yoyo come out of any of the shops. We are unsure exactly what the reasoning is behind that considering that we feel as if you can’t get this much performance out of any other shape.

The design we went for here is to pack in as much performance as we could. We kept the weight low, the power high, and the weight distribution highly pushed to the outer rims. The V shape allows for a gradual ramp up of weight across the body of the yoyo, while being strategic in the amount of material we leave between the catch zone and the outer rim.

You will find that Kinetic will rival any existing YoYo that finds itself in the performance category. Once again we raise the bar - this is Motion. 


7068 - SS rims (17.8g each)

Weight - 62.5 + or - .5

Diameter - 56.49

Width - 44.01

Gap Width - 4.46

60 Made in 4 colors:

15 - Moose Blue

15 - Winter's Heart

15 - Adeline's Ruby

15 - Molten Merlot


Moose Blue

Finish - polished (polished rims)

First run, first colorway. This light blue color was chosen by Moosa Khan, one of our team members.

Winter's Heart

Finish - blasted body (blasted rims)

First run, second colorway. The blasted version of Moose Blue. It has a blasted body as well as blasted rims.

Adeline's Ruby

Finish - polished body (polished rims)

First run, third colorway. Named after Jeremy's daughter to keep the theme with the Centrifugal Adeline's Jewel colorway.

This red is a deep, rich color. The color is bluer than the Perpetual "Renaissance Red" colorway. In person it will seem more like raspberry whereas the Perpetual was a pure fire engine red.

Molten Merlot

Finish - blasted (blasted rims)

First run, last colorway. Fully blasted version of Adeline's Ruby.

"Prototype Blue"

10 Fabricated


This yoyo is extremely fast, and by fast I mean - lightning fast. At no time does this yoyo want to play slowly. Upon first throw, you will find that it makes directional changes with ease, while maintaining its equilibrium enough to stay on plane. The yoyo is lightweight, but plays heavier than advertised (something common in the motion lineup). You discover quickly that pushing this yoyo never gets tiring and you will be worn out before it is.

I can honestly say I have never picked up a YoYo that plays quite like this; for V shaped yoyos, we have a real contender here and are so excited to get the final product into your hands.

Speed, performance, agility, all while looking amazing - this is Motion.