Centrifugal (Motion)

Our second installment - Centrifugal (motion). Continuing off of the success of our flagship yoyo, Perpetual (motion), we have stayed true to what we said we would do: never compromise aesthetics for performance, and vice versa.

In designing this yoyo we decided that “less is more.” We wanted a very smooth body with minimal cuts. From each angle you will be able to see the calculated and distinct cuts we wanted on this yoyo.

We aren’t the first, or only company to use a dome in the cup, but we feel like this is a design aspect that truly catches your eye. Lastly something very unique to our yoyo is, once again, the rims. The large W shape has a very pronounced inverted M shape on the outer surface, which not only strengthens the SS rim and helps to keep from bending, but it also retains a “slimmer” feel in the hand without compromising any of the weight used to push on the outermost part of the yoyo.

We really think through each design to not only appeal to serious players, but to also give a timeless piece you could display on your shelf.

This is Motion. 


7068 - SS rims (19g each)

Weight - 63.1 + or - .5

Diameter - 57

Width - 46.01

Gap Width - 4.46

First Run (Q2 2022):

68 yoyos were made in production, in 4 colorways:

3 extra Ice Bow were later obtained from the factory and were distributed to the community for pay-it-forward, a giveaway, and to reviewers.

Second Run (Q3 2023):

Colorways (First Run)


Finish - blasted (blasted iridescent rims)

First run, first colorway revealed. Irridescent rims on a matte ice blue body. It was named by one of our prototype testers because it resembles the rainbow bridge in Asgard.

Adeline's Jewel

Finish - polished (polished raw rims)

First run, second colorway revealed. Named after my daughter.

Ice Bow

Finish - polished body (polished irridescent rims)

First run, third colorway revealed. Named by one of our prototype testers.


Finish - blasted (blasted raw rims)

First run, last colorway revealed. Also named by one of our prototype testers.

Colorways (Second Run)

Dark Side of the Moon

Finish - blasted body (blasted raw rims)

Second run, first colorway. The clear/black acid wash popped wonderfully on the matching gray rings. The blasted SS rings came out looking silver, just like the yoyo body.

Corliss's Inferno

Finish - blasted body (blasted black rings)

Second run, second colorway. Released exclusively through a partnership with The Monthly Throw. The name of the colorway is an homage to Brian Corliss, who helped us arrange the Monthly Throw collaboration. TMT chose the colors on this edition.

The red was juicy and rich, and well-framed by the black rings.

"Prototype Blue"

10 Fabricated


Perpetual started us off and is still one of the best YoYo designs I have ever had the pleasure of playing, so I’m asking myself, “what can I do better than Perpetual?” I realized I was asking the wrong question entirely...

This was the working prototype of the centrifugal (motion).

Once again, you will find that we carried over a very unique rim design that is functional and very edgy, we have our distinctive cuts, and with this design aesthetically, less is more. Sharing inspiration from some of the big bi-metal W shapes that are out there, we wanted to put our twist on a tried and true design, and once again we nailed it. A huge shoutout to @dressel_designs for knocking the CAD work out of the park once again, the guy can literally read my mind on what I am looking for and it’s always executed flawlessly. Perpetual is an instant classic, and we are sure that centrifugal will also find its way into your top 5 spot.