Accelerated (Motion)

Introducing our next model in the Motion Lineup - Accelerated (Motion)

All three of the models before this were slightly “oversized” by what I would consider “normal” standards. We are taking a dive into a YoYo that is a bit more undersized in nature. The organic nature of this bell shaped YoYo helps with the comfort aspect of throwing.

Immediately you will recognize some of the characteristics that you will find in all the Motion lineup, from the sunken dome, to some of the most gorgeous cuts you will ever see on a YoYo.

Our value promise has always been not only do you get a YoYo that preforms well above its value, but will also look the part. Motion has offered yo-yos with unique design characteristics on every release, one of the most unique we have done was the rim design on Centrifugal, which has been reengineered on this YoYo.

As always only the best materials are used: 7068 aluminum body with stainless steel rims. This combination of premium materials and limit-pushing design gives you a presence on the string unlike anything you have played previously. We truly believe this fills a niche that hasn’t been tapped.

@hesperaux and I were chatting one evening, talking about YoYo design and what we would like in a new throw. We discussed the existing Motion lineup and we felt as if there was a gap in our lineup that Accelerated would fill. @hesperaux and I went over the CAD many times trying to tweak and design it. The goal: that it would not only play exponentially better than it looks but also look amazing doing it.

One design decision was made by @gaitesk13. He felt as if we should add some flair to the rims and create a “bump” on the edge that is both for aesthetic and design purposes for weight distribution. He was right, it was the right move. This design feature makes the yoyo feel slightly smaller but play bigger. It's one of the unique things about this design that we love.

The collective effort of all of my proto team has lead to one of our favorite designs to come out of the Motion shop.

The body cuts have been brought back, the unique rim has been revamped, and an updated, more unique design for the dome which will further set our brand apart.

We feel like once again we have set the bar higher for existing products and we encourage you to experience what the difference is - this is Motion. 

To know how it plays let’s talk about the specs.

So don’t let the specs fool you, this YoYo is a performer, it’s wide stance and undersized body play like a full sized yoyo. The spin time is something that I personally like to focus on, and this one is no slouch, it is designed to spin longer than any of our current lineup, one could say it has been “accelerated” from our other models.

We've also been pushing the limits of machining. @fpm_yoyomanufacture has been an amazing partner, allowing us to confidently shrink the wall thickness and create elaborate and beautiful stainless steel ring profiles not usually seen with these materials. The wall thickness of accelerated is about twice as thin as previous designs, but the ss rings work together with the body to create a durable and powerful design. One of the motion design goals is to push limits and advance yoyo design norms.

The YoYo loves to fly through each combo, with a strong presence on the string. Regens are a breeze and brings the YoYo back to life after short or long combos. At no time are you left wanting any more power. Even when the YoYo becomes exhausted, it still has energy to roll back to your hand in a snap.

Stability and long spin times were the goal here, and we far exceeded anything that we could have imagined. 


7068 - SS rims (20.9g each)

Weight - 63.4 + or - .5

Diameter - 54.2

Width - 45.5

Gap Width - 4.445mm

104 Made in 7 colors (6 available to public)

1 B grade Arizona Sunset, for damage, kept in house.

Time Stone - 17

Farmer's Green - 18

Aphotic Zone - 13

Mariana Trench - 18

Arizona Sunset - 15

Clockwork - 22

Factory Bonus (Orange blasted with black rims) - 1


Aphotic Zone

Finish - polished (polished rims)

First run, first colorway. David named this color to commemorate his first release as a co-designer for motion yoyo. The Aphotic Zone is the depth of the ocean at which light no longer penetrates. David wanted to choose an elegant colorway that would contrast the other two in the release, which were brighter colors.

Mariana Trench

Finish - blasted body (blasted rims)

First run, second colorway. The blasted version of Aphotic Zone. It has a blasted body as well as blasted rims. The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the Earth's oceans. The deep, blasted blue with black rims seemed like a fitting colorway for this name.

Time Stone

Finish - polished body (polished rims)

First run, third colorway. Named by Bear Farmer after the Marvel comics reference to the infinity stone, which glows green. A bright green with shiny steel rims.

Farmer's Green

Finish - blasted (blasted rims)

First run, fourth colorway. Named by the team player that chose it, Bear Farmer got his signature color for this design.  Fully blasted version of Time Stone.

Arizona Sunset

Finish - polished body (polished rims)

First run, fifth colorway. This bright orange screams almost as loud as the rainbow rings that compliment it. It shines like the Arizona sunset it was named for by our prototype tester Gaites Klein.


Finish - blasted (blasted rims)

First run, sixth colorway. Fully blasted version of our fifth colorway. Named by prototype tester Jon "Jester" Deleon after the famous novel and film.

1 of 1 Factory Accident

Finish - blasted (blasted rims)

First run, unexpected bonus. Orange blasted body with blasted black rims. Mr. Motion kept this one for himself. It was an unbelievable stroke of luck that one of these was created. This is the color combination that Jeremy was in love with for multiple releases, but he had sacrificed the combo every time in favor of what we thought the rest of the world would enjoy most. That being said, who knows, maybe this will be a production colorway in the future?

"Prototype Blue"

10 Fabricated


The prototype version of Accelerated is very slightly different than the production run. If you have both, you will be able to notice about a half gram of extra weight on the prototype, as well as a slightly sharper dome accent ring and a slightly sharper SS rim edge. Aesthetically, it has one less cut on the body near the rims. The production run adds one more facet to catch the light, whereas the prototype has a rounded segment in this area.