Elevated (Motion)

This YoYo is one of the most stunning designs to come out of the Motion laboratory. Every single angle of this YoYo has been thought out to the fullest extent.

From the gap shot, the undercut below the rims make it look like the rims are “elevated” off the YoYo body, giving a cool optical illusion effect.

The cup design features the Motion Sunken Dome, with a stepped wall going down the cup (sonic ripple design). Around the dome we implemented a dual rim design, which was used previously on our Linear monometal.

Using a 7068 alloy allows us to manipulate the wall thickness more so than a 6061 application. The extreme design of this YoYo cost us more than any of the previous models that we have done, and we fully feel like this YoYo was worth it.

It is crazy that this YoYo was literally created in one night between me and @hesperaux. The proto only needed a few very small tweaks. We think you will love this YoYo as much as we do.

One night @hesperaux and I decided to crank out a really radical H design. We talked about some of the more radical H shaped designs out there. Some really awesome H shapes that came to mind were the Pixelape from MFD, Cliff from CLYW, Fat Tire from OneDrop, just to name a few. We wanted to do something that not only played amazing but looked the part as well.

First we started with the outline; we knew we wanted it to be a bi-metal YoYo (kinda our thing), then we started to talk about the design features that we wanted. Starting with the catch zone, we wanted to have the optical illusion of the rims not being connected to the YoYo, so we had to do an extreme cutback into the YoYo body to achieve this. We wanted the stainless steel portion to look like it was just the metal floating above the YoYo - we achieved this.

Sliding down into the catch zone you see cuts and light reflections placed strategically so that it looks amazing from all angles. This should be a familiar feature for people who follow Motion designs.

Turning the YoYo to the cup - you will see a few familiar features. One item we always try to implement is the “sunken dome” which looks as if it’s sinking into the YoYo. On Elevated we used a “Sonic Ripple Design” which is essentially strategically placed steps down the YoYo cup to adjust weight distribution to the places we felt would achieve both maximum stability and unwavering performance. Lastly we wanted to pull over the Dual Rim design that we had implemented in our monometal, Linear, to round out the cup design. This achieves an awesome look and some gives us extra weight where we wanted it.

Overall we wanted a H YoYo that was radical and memorable. We nailed it.

As with all our releases don’t let the specs drive your notion on how the YoYo will play or feel.

The YoYo is stable and powerful, we used a slightly over-sized diameter to help keep the RPM’s up while you are moving through a trick set, we used a reasonably wide width to help the player never miss landing on the string.

The “Sonic Ripple Design” is essentially built in weight walls that manipulate how the weight distribution ramps up on the body, it’s light in some areas and weighted in others, this leads to a very unique play feel that will leave you wondering how this YoYo feels the way it does and it’s weight being as light as it is.

Lastly the “dual rim” does help maintain stability as well as add some mid-weight to help balance the YoYo.

We hope this YoYo exceeds your expectations as much as it exceeded ours.

This is Motion.


7068 Aluminum Body

303 Stainless Steel Rings

C size bearing

Weight - 61.84g +/- 0.5g

Diameter - 57mm

Width - 46mm

Gap width - 4.445mm

Axle: M4x12mm

Pads: 19x14x1.2mm

125 A Grades Made in 7 colors:

3 B Grades:

Released: Q2 2024


Dark Side of the Moon

Finish - blasted/blasted

First run, first colorway. This colorway is becoming a staple in the motion lineup. Eventually, we hope to produce every model in this color. A simple clear and black wash, with blasted raw rings. For Elevated, we experimented with a gray dye instead of clear and black, for a darker effect. You may notice a darker theme with the first run of Elevated, and this darker version of DSotM is no exception.


Finish - blasted/blasted

First run, second colorway. We love space. It's deep, dark, and is riddled with bright, energetic colors. Many yoyo companies have created yoyos inspired by deep space phenomenon - we submit this colorway of Elevated to join the others. We think it turned out amazing with the blasted blue rings to frame the anodizing.

Red Skies at Night (Blasted)

Finish - blasted/blasted

First run, third colorway. A deep wine red with dark black rings. Both blasted. It's rich and full of depth. The cuts and grooves in this yoyo accentuate the clarity of color. This is a perfect example of why we like solid colors at Motion. The name and the darkness continue the theme of deep space and night skies that were prevalent in this first run.

Red Skies at Night (Polished)

Finish - polished/polished

First run, fourth colorway. Just like its counterpart, the polished version of Red Skies at Night retains the crisp contrasting shadows, but on this version the machine finished surfaces cause gleaming reflections. There is something special about this colorway and the machine finished surface.

Lunar Highlands (Blasted)

Finish - blasted/blasted

First run, fifth colorway. For a long time we have wanted to do a fully black yoyo with rainbow rings. Motion is definitely not the first - this is a popular combination. We finally decided to commit to it with this release. But in keeping with tradition, we released the colorway in two finishes: blasted and polished. This blasted version is reminiscent of the BiFrost Centrifugal. The rainbow rings turned out absolutely gorgeous.

Lunar Highlands (Polished)

Finish - polished/polished

First run, sixth colorway. The Lunar Highlands pair continues our space and night theme, and just like Red Skies at Night, the polished variation of the yoyo does not disappoint. It is gleaming, clean, deep, and beautiful.


Finish - blasted/polished

First run, seventh colorway. This yoyo is the first time we've released the "proto blue" dye color in a colorway; but it's paired with a black wash. It's also the first time we've done a production release of a yoyo with a blasted body and polished rings. Motion has historically kept to a blasted/blasted and polished/polished pairing of finishes, because we like the way they go together. But our prototypes are always blasted with polished rings. This release of Interstellar is our way of sharing a little of the prototype experience with the community. It also looks sweet. The name is the same as the Linear Interstellar colorway, which is how we rounded out the space theme for this release.

"Prototype Blue"

10 Fabricated


The proto blue Elevated has a couple of very minor differences to the production run:

In spite of these two changes, the final weight and weight distribution were almost identical to the prototype. We didn't want to mess with the way it played.